An American great: Michiko Kakutani reflects on Toni Morrison’s legacy

Toni Morrison historical imagination and remarkable gifts of language made her one of the most influential writers of her generation In novels spanning several hundred years of history, Toni Morrison used her historical imagination and her remarkable gifts of language to chronicle the horrors of slavery and Jim Crow, and their continuing fallout on the everyday lives of black Americans. Violent, heart-wrenching events occur in her fiction: a runaway slave named Sethe cuts the throat of her baby daughter with a handsaw to spare her the fate she suffered herself as a slave ( The Death of Truth. The paperback edition will be released on 22 August.

Toni Morrison: farewell to America’s greatest writer we all owe her so much | Chigozie Obioma

Booker nominated author Chigozie Obioma reflects on losing a literary mother and her encouragement for generations of black and African writers to come It was with a heavy heart that I woke up, like many, to the news of the passing of the great African American writer Toni Morrison. As I have mourned and digested the news, my reaction has slowly gone from shock to dismay, then to a sense of inchoate peace. If we judge being old as a more feeble state, or characterised by a gradual withdrawal from work, then Morrison, like most great writers, had not become old. At the age of 88, she had continued to give us her stories and thoughts. The Source of Self-Regard …