30 Smart People Who Showed Off Their IQ And Made Fools Of Themselves

I’m, like, totally smarter than you are. [Adjusts glasses; laughs in geek]. My IQ is over 9,000 and I play 5D chess in my spare time. Mozart? Bach? Those are for amateurs. Me? I only listen to the music that planets make in our neighboring Andromeda Galaxy (it’s 2.537 light-years away from Earth — bet you didn’t know that). My favorite book is the Necronomicon. By the time I have breakfast every day, I’ve already come up with a hundred new fantastic ideas about how to improve the world, and my brain works at a 69.999% (recurring, of course) higher capacity than yours. I would’ve totally made a better protagonist than Yagami Light in Death Note. You wouldn’t ever be …

How long should you stay at a job if you aren’t being promoted?

Career advancement is a major factor in employee satisfaction. And while promotions have to be earned, employees shouldn’t linger too long at a company if they aren’t climbing the career ladder fast enough. “If you aren’t moving up after three years, there is a problem,” he said. Ferrari’s first plug-in hybrid supercar is also its most powerful More women are joining Fortune 500 boards than ever before Should you text with your boss? And if your boss did set benchmarks, but then the goal posts keep changing — that’s also a red flag. “If they do this and it becomes a pattern, that would be a big clue that they are never going to give this to me,” said Klaus. …

When good executives go bad

It isn’t shocking that some business leaders lie, cheat, steal or neglect critical problems. But it never fails to amaze when those who play a key role in the scandals are otherwise highly successful executives with good reputations. Why would such leaders risk their careers and good names? Even in matters legitimately open to interpretation — like ambiguously worded regulations, lack of legal precedent and complex accounting principles — why not play it safe, rather than seeing how much you can get away with?

A company where everyone works from home. Here’s how to make it work

Having a 9-to-5 job doesn’t always mean sitting behind a desk. Opting for a 100% remote staff isn’t just a money saver, it also expands the talent pool a company can dip into and helps boost retention. But maintaining a strong corporate culture and an engaged and productive workforce can be tough when you aren’t getting daily face time.