Solange: When I Get Home the Snapchat album

Solange Knowless tantalising fourth album conjures fragments and fleeting impressions that get inside your head Frank Ocean to Beyoncs caught on murky CCTV attacking Jay-Z, as a docile Beyonc stood by. The viral clip upped Solanges album streams by 200%, but her career route has never been clear cut: she once released a track called Fuck the Industry (Signed Sincerely) before When I Get Home, but blink and youre halfway through them, your mind fizzing with fluttery choruses and half-riffs. The introverted UK electronic producers James Blake and Time (Is), one of the albums most modest tracks. Some of the albums most snippety bits such Way to the Show is essentially one exquisitely pretty line with an underlying coolness, like …

Solange: When I Get Home review lose yourself in Knowles’ hazy vision

Pharrell Williams, Sampha and Tyler, the Creator are among the guests on Knowles fourth album but they cant always prevent it from floating away The credits for Pharrell Williams to Gucci Mane to actor Debbie Allen. Those old enough to remember the early 80s may recall Allen sternly informing Bruno, Doris, Leroy et al that Right heres where you start paying in sweat every week during the intro to Fame on BBC One. One track alone features a group of backing singers involving Animal Collective and