Trevor Noah: Fox News seems to forget that guns are everywhere in America

Late-night hosts address the coverage of mass gun violence in America, from Fox News distractions to Trumps visit to El Paso Trevor Noah On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah continued to address this weekends deadly shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, as he debunked conservative commentators attempts to distract from the issue of guns. While many legislators are seeking to expand background checks, reinstate the assault weapons ban or ban high-capacity magazines, according to [former Arkanasas governor Mike] Huckabee and many people on the right, the real problem in America is not access to guns, its a lack of access to God. the New York Timess Original Article : HERE ;

Samantha Bee on Mueller’s testimony: ‘Like watching depressed paint dry’

Late-night hosts focused on Robert Muellers much-watched live testimony and how it might affect Trumps presidency Late-night hosts discussed Robert Muellers live testimony and how it might affect Donald Trumps presidency. Samantha Bee On Full Frontal, Samantha Bee showed footage from how Fox chose to cover proceedings, with a cameo appearance from a very tanned Rudy Giuliani. Even his hair is tanned! she said. Wow, someones out to bag another cousin. Well, hes a cousin-fucker. During Muellers testimony, which saw him answer questions about the contents of his extensive two-year report on possible collusion with Russia, Bee said that he looked like he aged 10 years. She continued: He gave his testimony with all the enthusiasm and passion of a …

Stephen Colbert on Ben Carson: Not a rocket scientist, only a brain surgeon

Late-night hosts poked fun at the possibility of the presidents case being seen by Merrick Garland and Ben Carsons Oreo error Late-night hosts focused on Donald Trumps latest failure in court and the prospect of one of his cases being seen by the former supreme court nominee Merrick Garland. Stephen Colbert The Late Show with Stephen Colbert opened with a direct jab at the presidents losing battle with Congress, with the host telling his audience: If you pay attention, you know that Donald Trump and Congress are fighting. I would say theyre at each others throats but its hard to find the throat under all the old man jowl in there. Colbert then focused on the report of Trump blocking …

John Oliver: Mueller report reveals ‘cartoonish levels of incompetence’

The Last Week Tonight host unpacked the redacted version of the Mueller report, from crazy shit to unearned victory laps The release of the Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific