I Sorted Famous Characters By Color And Here Are What 13 Teams Look Like (New Pics)

color teams. Some of them are still missing because it’s hard to put so many characters in a little square. But the thing is, I think this is the best format to show them in the best light. 5 reply View More Replies… #2 Grey Teams 1 reply #4 Black Team 5 reply View More Replies… #6 White Team 2 reply View More Replies… #8 Purple Team 6 reply #10 Orange Team 4 reply See Also on Bored Panda

Russian Cosplayer Can Transform Herself Into Any Character (30 Pics)

Imagine if you had the ability to transform yourself into anyone. Who would you choose? With the ever-growing hype around cosplay, people are getting utterly creative with the tools they use: from budget-friendly household items to food. And while the results of those parody-style experiments can be hilarious, we definitely still appreciate the traditional cosplay classics created from make-up, wigs, and costumes. 21-year-old Russian singer, make-up artist and goddess of cosplay Jules Gudkova has a natural talent and killer skills of bringing characters of popular movies, TV shows, modern and childhood cartoons, and even toys to life with extreme accuracy. One day she’s an innocent princess, another – a whimsical animated character or a badass superhero. And although her uncanny …