Australia coronavirus live updates: Victorian restaurants to reopen 1 June with 100 patrons by mid-July – latest news

Premier Dan Andrews says the easing of restrictions is due to low numbers of new cases, but patrons will still have to abide by social distancing. Follow live Restaurants in Victoria to reopen by June Sign up for Guardian Australia’s daily coronavirus emailDownload the free Guardian app to get the most important news notificationsCoronavirus Australia maps and cases: live numbers and statistics 7.08am BST Labor’s candidate for Eden Monaro, Kristy McBain, has just done a Facebook live campaign catch-up/Q&A – the closest thing we can have to a town hall in the era of Covid-19 and physical distancing. McBain took a question on the $1,100-a-fortnight jobseeker unemployment benefit from Guardian Australia. The rate of Newstart is clearly inadequate to live …

Coronavirus live news: WHO and Five Eyes reject Chinese lab theory as global deaths pass 250,000

New Zealand records no new cases for second straight day; Italy’s death toll higher than reported; leaders pledge $8bn to fight virus. Follow the latest updates Five Eyes network contradicts theory Covid-19 leaked from labGerman cases ‘may be 10 times higher than official figures’Australia coronavirus updates – liveSee all our coronavirus coverage 4.02am BST Get in touch on Twitter @helenrsullivan. 3.53am BST At least 300 people held in two centers set up by the Salvadoran government to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus protested on Monday, demanding to be released and given the results of their tests, Reuters reports. Continue reading… Original Article : HERE

‘We were all a little bit punk’: Haring, Basquiat and the art that defined 80s New York

New York critic and curator Carlo McCormick picks the 10 pieces that cemented the radical legacy of a game-changing art scene New York curator and cultural critic Carlo McCormick is proud and serene as he describes the National Gallery of Victoria’s blockbuster 2020 exhibition, Crossing Lines, as a “celebration”. He’s also quick to note that this is not just a celebration of the men whose names are on the door. “Keith [Haring] and Jean-Michel [Basquiat] are really ciphers that signify a whole group of artists and community,” says McCormick, who guest curated the show. “Every bit of modernism was actually a gang of friends getting together.” And there’s no arguing that this gang – “a bunch of bratty kids” – …

Nationals in turmoil after deputy speaker debacle – politics live

The fallout from last week’s leadership spill continues, with rebel MPs refusing to fall into line. All the day’s events, live 10.38pm GMT On ABC RN with Fran Kelly this morning, Anthony Albanese continued cleaning up Labor’s position on coal after his deputy squibbed it on Insiders on Sunday: Q: Should the government be funding a feasibility study for new coal-fired power stations? 10.21pm GMT Liberal senator James Paterson had a chat to Sky News this morning about the Nationals. Here is what he had to say about some of his colleagues: I think we’re all responsible for our own behaviour in politics. There’s a lot of disappointments in politics. Everybody has ambition. It’s not always realised or at least …

Climate change likely to blame for dwindling Murray-Darling inflows, report finds

Mick Keelty’s review urges governments to stop playing politics with the basin and calls for greater transparency on water sharing The amount of water in the Murray river system is now only about half of what it was in the preceding century and the frequency of dry years has increased, a much-awaited report has found. The report by the interim inspector general of the Murray-Darling Basin Water Resource, Mick Keelty, has rejected a widely held view in the southern basin that the current conditions there are “a man made drought” brought on by the policies of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority and unfair extractions in the northern basin. Continue reading… Original Article : HERE

Clover Moore demands PM explain Angus Taylor’s use of false document to attack her

Sydney lord mayor is outraged by AFP decision not to investigate scandal surrounding energy minister The Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, has demanded the prime minister, Scott Morrison, explain to parliament how his energy minister, Angus Taylor, came to rely on a false document that was used to accuse her of hypocrisy on climate change, after the Australian Federal Police declined to investigate. The AFP announced on Thursday it would not investigate the doctored document scandal further, saying it was unlikely a commonwealth offence had been committed and there was no evidence that Taylor had been involved in falsifying the document. Continue reading… Original Article : HERE

Hecate is often erased from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Now she’s centre stage – in Noongar language

Performed entirely in an Indigenous language, the world premiere production follows a global trend of translating – and subverting – classic texts When Kylie Bracknell first proposed performing Macbeth in her native Noongar language, she received backlash – not from white Australians but her own people. “We’ve received quite a lot of ridicule for it from our own community: ‘Why would you want to do a dead white man’s story?’” says Bracknell. “My response is: because he is a human being and found a beautiful, melodic way to tell a story. And that is something that Noongar people have had a grasp on before time began.” Continue reading… Original Article : HERE

Coronavirus live news: outbreak reaches every US state as Australia says isolation could last six months

EU implements strictest travel ban in history; Australian PM declares ‘human biosecurity emergency’; British restaurants and museums close. Follow the latest updates. Coronavirus latest: at a glanceUK: £330bn of guaranteed loans to be made available for businessesNazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe freed temporarily from Iranian prisonHow to look after yourself and others in self-isolationShare your experiences 3.03am GMT In Australia, popular children’s show Bluey more than doubled its viewership between Monday and Tuesday, as more parents and kids spend time at home, Crikey news reports. 2.59am GMT In the US, Nevada governor Steve Sisolak has announced the closure of all non-essential services. That includes Las Vegas casinos, restaurants and bars. Continue reading… Original Article : HERE

Fears for Iranian refugee removed from Jakarta-Melbourne flight amid coronavirus crisis

Australian safe haven visa holder Amir denied re-entry and sent back to Europe in case reminiscent of detained footballer Hakeem al-Araibi Refugee advocates fear time is running out for a refugee to return to his Australian home after he was denied the right to board a flight from Indonesia to Australia because of his visa status. In what advocates fear may be a repeat of the Hakeem al-Araibi case, which left a refugee wrongly detained in a Thai prison after a series of bureaucratic bungles over his visa status, Amir, a young Iranian refugee on an Australian safe haven visa, has been sent back to Turkey amid the coronavirus crisis. Continue reading… Original Article : HERE

‘Outrageous’: Qantas criticised for standing down 20,000 workers without pay

Union anger as Alan Joyce, chief of Australia’s national airline, says Qantas will not be one of the airlines that are ‘going to go under’ Follow our latest Australia coronavirus blog for live news and updates Unions have demanded that any future government bailout of the airlines include money to pay workers after Australia’s national carrier, Qantas, said it will stand down two-thirds of its 30,000-strong workforce without pay and end international flights. Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce said the standdowns were needed to survive the biggest crisis aviation has ever been through, but union leaders slammed the move for robbing from workers’ futures to prop up the airline. Continue reading… Original Article : HERE

If Australia’s resources were taxed the way Norway’s are, we could fully fund our schools | Emma Dawson

Australians should demand fair recompense for the extraction and export of our non-renewable natural resources Treasurer Josh Frydenberg was quick to scotch rumours recently that he was set to increase taxation on oil and gas mining in this year’s budget, despite indications that the outcome of a current treasury review could recommend changes to the application of the petroleum resource rent tax. The fact that the current Senate inquiry into Australia’s oil and gas reserves has pushed its reporting date back, from 1 March to 16 September, also suggests that any decision to reform this notoriously ineffective tax is being put in the “too hard basket” by the government. Continue reading… Original Article : HERE

This is the age of the megafire – and it’s being fuelled by our leaders | Tim Flannery

In the face of the climate disaster it helped create, the Australian government has given us only lies and denial Unprecedented wildfires have recently devastated California, the Amazon, southern Europe, Siberia and Australia. It’s safe to say that we’ve entered the era of the climate-fuelled megafire. But because fire conditions depend on local vegetation, topography and climate, each of these great conflagrations is different. Australia’s bushfires of the last four months have been true megafires, creating their own weather and becoming so vast in their impact that more than half of all Australians have been directly affected by them. As I write, fires continue to burn around Canberra, and though rain has begun to fall in northern New South Wales, …

NSW floods and weather: rain eases but chaos continues – live

Evacuation orders are in place for several areas around Sydney, with thousands of homes still without power after Sunday’s rainfall. Follow all today’s updates • Sydney’s Warragamba Dam levels surge to 62% capacity after torrential rain 1.32am GMT Jane Golding was asked if the rain was enough to be considered drought-breaking. The short answer is: not yet. We have seen some good falls on the western side of the divide as well … We have heard that it’s very welcome out that way. Some locations have seen upwards of 100mm over the past few days and more rain than they have seen in quite a few years – four or five years … 1.22am GMT The BoM’s Jane Golding also …

Autism, sex and consent: Everythings Gonna Be Okay breaks ground with a story that rings true | Clem Bastow

Josh Thomass show has offered a nuanced take on a lived reality that rarely makes it to screens, writes Clem Bastow When autism and sexuality are occasionally allowed to coexist on screen, its typically accompanied by tired tropes about how autistic people have no feelings and possibly someone yelling words to the effect of, He doesnt know how to love me! I say he because the vast majority of autistic characters in TV and film are male: think Netflixs Atypical, ABC/Sonys The Good Doctor (and its 2013 South Korean predecessor of the same name), or movies like Love On the Spectrum seem to find it hard to resist the lure of infantilising musical cues, or indeed the notion that an …

How we stay together: we debate absolutely everything but we fight fair

Kristen Erskine and Gordon Campbell have learned when to leave things alone: Dont be afraid of conflict but sometimes postponing it is OK Names: Kristen Erskine and Gordon Campbell Years together: 27Occupations: Academic and editor We shouted from Inverness all the way to the Isle of Skye. Kristen Erskine and husband Gordon Campbell dont mind a good debate, and throughout their almost 30 years together just about everything has been discussed. What do we debate? Everything, says Kris. In conversation the couples sentences jumble together, joke after rebuff after loving retort, and they disagree wildly on many things. Even choosing a movie is tricky: She likes movies with bus chases and explosions, he says. And he likes movies with naked …

Coronavirus: thousands stranded on Grand Princess cruise ship after 21 cases confirmed

Crew and passengers from more than 50 countries stuck on ship moored off San Francisco, as global infections pass 100,000 mark Nearly half of the 46 people tested for coronavirus onboard the Grand Princess cruise ship moored off San Francisco have returned a positive result, vice president Mike Pence has said, and the fate of its more than 3,500 passengers and crew from more than 50 countries remains unclear. Pence said 21 positive results had been recorded 19 crew members and two passengers and that those that will need to be quarantined will be quarantined. Those who will require medical help will receive it. He urged elderly Americans to consider carefully taking future cruises during the crisis. There is little …

‘This spirituality liberates you’: Sufi superstar Abida Parveen set to transport Melbourne

The devotional singer is known to move audiences to a higher plane. Meeting her in Melbourne, Ben Eltham writes, time went all bendy and loose Sufi superstar Abida Parveen a giant of world music is an arresting presence. Dressed in flowing robes and scarf, her hair a mass of handsome dark curls, she seems to carry a little bubble of grace around with her despite being anchored by pink sneakers. Best known for her command of the ghazal, kafi and qawwali classic forms of Sufi music and poetry the colossal artistic stature of Parveen in her homeland of Pakistan is hard to convey for the western reader. As in 2005, you could find entire neighbourhoods, possibly towns, in Pakistan where …

Our ancestors managed fire country for millennia. We yearn to burn once more | Oliver Costello

Cultural fire will protect the canopy where the koalas live regenerating the tree that they eat We live in fire country as taught through fire lore, this is how I understand what is happening across country. These times are hard for us first peoples, so often we are ignored. People all over the world are watching as we see what happens when you break lore on fire country. I always seek to acknowledge country and serve her lore. Country is our mother, she provides everything. Our energy, protection, air, water, food, shelter, identity, cultural, spirit and so much more. It is important to respect country and give more then you take. It is our custom to share and be humble …

‘This is an ugly work’: Trump’s giant empty head descends on Ballarat

Want to get inside Donald Trumps head? Callum Mortons very confronting public artwork offers that peculiar pleasure Whats inside Donald Trumps head? In a sculptural depiction of the US presidents head by the Australian artist Original Article : HERE ;

Australian fires: Victorians urged to leave amid fears ‘heat spike’ will cause bushfires to merge

East Gippsland and Victorias north-east told to evacuate as NSW braces for heatwave and firefighters battle Kangaroo Island blaze Residents in large areas of Victoria have again been advised to leave their homes before a day of extreme fire conditions throughout south-eastern Australia that could see the merging of at least two major fires. At least 5% of Victoria has already burned. Authorities sent a text message to East Gippsland and the north-east region on Thursday advising people within the at-risk area, which extends from the New South Wales border to the coast, to evacuate before heat spike conditions on Friday. Temperatures were forecast to reach more than 40C in parts of East Gippsland and the north-east, and wind gusts …