Muellers account of Trumps world acts as a cautionary tale for UK politics | Will Hutton

Senior figures in both countries behave as if they are above the law. Enough is enough Trump was right. His presidency was announced. Its tantamount to treasonous to work so closely with the Russian secret services during the campaign, with the Russians plainly hoping a Trump presidency would turn a blind eye to the subpoena by the House judicial committee for the full unredacted report is the first step. Democrat leaders may have misgivings about how impeachment will play out politically, but they have a constitutional and moral obligation to act against such a president with such a record. This behaviour sets new abysmal lows. Republican senators will almost certainly block the two-thirds majority needed to secure impeachment in the …

UK should leave EU with no deal, says former Bank of England governor

Mervyn King says Britain could ease dislocation costs with six months of planning The former governor of the Bank of England, issued repeat warnings that leaving the EU without a deal would cause significant economic damage and would damage living standards across the country. The Bank published a worst-case scenario last year that included Britain plunging into an Philip Hammond, the chancellor, not to accelerate spending to prepare the country for such a scenario had been disastrous and had cost the UKs bargaining power in talks with Brussels. Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific