Here Are 30 Of The Most Impressive Cosplays From Russian Starcon

The cosplay scene is a rapidly growing phenomenon within a much bigger geek culture that’s been branching out to the mainstream world more and more. And it’s no surprise! San Diego Comic Con is perhaps the biggest event not only for all the sci-fi fans, cosplayers, and geeks of all sorts but also one of the greatest opportunity for various films, comics and TV shows to not only drop their material, but also present their stars. Thanks to this popularity, Comic Con as well as other similar events have been expanding and happening all over the world.

Russian Starcon has just concluded and as all cosplayers finally have some time to rest and breathe, thousands of photos from the event are being posted all across social media by those who attended. The colorful shots show off not only people having fun and interacting with various props, but also masterfully-crafted costumes that artists brought to show off.

So scroll down below to check out the many different yet stunning costumes, props and weapons to celebrate this highly-demanding art form. After all, cosplaying often combines sewing, crafting, makeup, performance art and more! Oh, and don’t forget to comment and vote for your favorites!


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Plague Doctor


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Starlord (Marvel)


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Plague Doctor


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Aela The Huntress (Skyrim)

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Sylvanas (World Of Warcraft)


Septa Unella (Game Of Thrones)


Lady Maria And Hunter (Bloodborne)


Alleria (World Of Warcraft)


Lich Queen (Disciples 3)


Octavia Blake (The 100)


The Keeper (Evil Within)

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This post was curated & Posted using : RealSpecific

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